How Does It Works 🤔?


1. Sign up

First of all , please register an account and log in to your account. 


2. Add Fund

Click "Add fund"  to add money to your accoun .   Various payment method provided such as 

e-wallet tng , boost , grabpay and online banking. 


3. Choose service

Go back to "New Order"  page . Choose a service that you wan to order . When placing an order you must input your 

Link and Quantity . Next , click on the Submit button.


4. Enjoy popularity

Wait for a few minutes , You will receive the followers or likes soon!

✨Customers' Feedbacks✨


I have been using this like and follower services for 2 years . It really helps a lot in my business growth . 


I am extremely satisfied with the services . Thank you so much 🥰.


Memang dapat follower ,  bukan tipu👍.  Tiktok saya dah boleh buat live lepas dapat 1000 tiktok follower kat sini . Semua ok sahaja!


It is getting better and cheaper now . Keep it up , will keep supporting Ckkstore  . 


Beli Youtube views dan subscribers untuk channel i , memang membantu.


Recommeneded ! Only ckkstore providing different choices of likes services for instagam. Not using fake like others . It has real active likes and some of the profile even have stories which is really real . Btw , it is cheap as well .

Frequent Ask Questions(FAQ)

This is the 5 most popular questions from all our clients 

Server Followers is the best provider of social media marketing services in Malaysia. We offer the lowest rates and are free from additional costs for all users. Various services for a range of social media platforms are available within our system. Services such as likes, followers, and views for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook platforms are provided on this server.

Of course ! Our  service is 100% safe to use, it will not cause your social media account to be blocked or have a negative impact on your account. |

Why do we confidently say "100% safe"?

  • If buying likes and followers could lead to an account being banned, everyone would use these follower services to get their competitors' accounts banned. This wouldn't make sense! Social media platforms are unable to determine who purchased followers for an account. It could be a prank from a competitor or their friends.

But why have I heard people say their accounts were banned after buying these follower services?

  • It's possible that their videos or posts contained copyrighted material . 
  • Not only that , if you chat the followers that purchased from here might also cause your account restricted due to  "spam" behaviour detected by instagram.

Your Account will not be "Hacked". This is because this follower, like service does not require your social media account password. Only video/post link, ig username or profile link is required. Don't be fooled by the follower service that asks for your password!!!

In the online business world, particularly on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Telegram, it is commonly believed that having a follower count of at least 10,000, along with a significant number of likes and views, helps establish trust and credibility as a "trusted seller."

Whether these followers are acquired through various sources, the strategy aims to attract potential customers by instilling confidence in the business being conducted.

Let's consider a Telegram channel as an example:

Shop A: This shop sells gold products and has a substantial subscriber base of 10,000 followers on their Telegram channel.

Shop B: Another gold product shop, but with only 1,000 subscribers on their Telegram channel.

Now, as a customer, if you were in this situation, you would likely be inclined to choose the channel with a larger following.

Research on various social media platforms indicates that customers tend to make informed decisions and place more trust in channels or accounts with a significant number of followers. It creates a perception of reliability and credibility compared to those with a smaller following.

It's worth noting that many founders and prominent brands utilize follower services to expedite their follower growth, considering it as a shortcut to achieving a substantial follower count.

Our web server operates entirely automatically when you place a "NEW ORDER" for yourself or when providing services to your customers. We assure you that if there are no visible results within 7 days, you will be promptly refunded.

Please remember that the effectiveness and success of follower services may vary based on individual strategies and circumstances.

Step 1: Add Funds

Please click the "Add funds" button to top up your account. You need to top up before creating an order on this server. E-wallets (Touch 'n Go, Boost) and online banking are accepted, and the system will automatically add the funds to your account after a successful top-up.

Step 2: Place an Order

Once you have successfully topped up, you can create an order. Please click the "New order" button to create an order. To create an order, you need to select the "Category" and "Service". Then, in the "Link" box, enter the link to your video/post if purchasing likes or views. If purchasing followers, enter your Instagram username/profile link in the "Link" box. Please ensure that your account is set to "public" before placing the order. If your account is "private," the system won't be able to process your order!

Step 3: Wait for Likes/Followers to Arrive

Wait for 1-5 minutes. Likes, followers, or views will be delivered shortly. Usually, the services on server are fast, but if there is a new update from the social media platform or server update, it may take a bit longer. However, if you have been waiting for an extended period, you can contact us via WhatsApp to "Cancel" or "Speed Up" your order.

qNo need to worry! We will provide tutorials in the form of videos, and our admin is ready to assist you. WhatsApp our admin at: .

Another 6 Common Question from ( New User )

This is the questions/features that new users might be confused and not familiar with !

What is Drip-Feed?

Drip-feed is an ingenious tool designed to automate the process of placing the same order multiple times, without the monotonous task of renewing it repetitively. This is especially advantageous in managing and boosting your social media presence, such as garnering likes on Instagram posts, in a more organic and timed manner.

How Does Drip-Feed Work?

Imagine you are looking to obtain 1000 likes on a particular Instagram post, but instead of receiving them all at once (which could appear unnatural or overwhelm your audience), you wish for a more gradual increase. This is where Drip-feed shines.

By utilizing the Drip-feed feature, you can break down your order into several smaller parts, and set a schedule for them to be delivered at predetermined intervals. For example, you could configure the Drip-feed tool to add 100 likes to your Instagram post every 30 minutes. This way, your post would receive a steady stream of likes over time, simulating the natural engagement of an active and growing audience.

Use the mass order option when you need to place multiple orders at the same time. You may use "Microsoft Excel" to create mass order and the format is👇 :

service_ID | link | Quantity

Example : if you want to order "Instagram Follower [120k/Day [ Fast ⚡ ] - Lifetime Warranty - Less Drop - Real ] ♻️🚫" the service id is : 929 and You wanted to order for 100 followers for 10 Account then it will be like this👇:

929 | | 100

929 | | 100

929 | | 100

929 | | 100

929 | | 100

929 | | 100

929 | | 100

929 | | 100

929 | | 100

929 | | 100

If you click the cancel button, it won't immediately stop the order; it will take some time. However, if you want the order to stop instantly, you can switch your account to private. Changing your account to private will cause the like or follower service to stop immediately.

After clicking the Refill button, the refill process doesn't happen instantly; it usually takes around 1 day to be processed. However, please ensure that you haven't violated the terms and conditions for the refill function. The terms and conditions for refill are as follows:

  • Your account must not be set to private.
  • Refills will not be provided if the followers/likes are not from our service or if they have dropped. [We will verify if the followers/likes are from our service; if they are not, no refill will be provided.]

There are several reasons that can cause your order to be cancelled.

Below are the possible reason of cancallation:

  • Service overloaded or server down .
  • your account is private 
  • your account have age or country restriction 
  • wrong or invalid link submmitted [ Use full link ]
  • you have changed your username when order processing .

Notes : If the orders are cancalled , the money will be automatically refunded to you . 


- Pending = In Queue / Waiting / Not Yet Started . If pending for 2-3 hour . Please Whatapps us to check your order .

✨In Progress

- In progress = Your Order is running / working on it . Please be patient , it will be delivered soon.


Completed = Your Order  is done .


- Partial = Only certain amount of likes , followers , views  are delivered . The rest of it unable to proceed , and the money are refunded . Please reorder again !


- Processing = Order stuck / Some problems occur when trying to process your order .


- Canceled = Your Order unable to process and the money are refunded .

Why Processing ?

Reason 1:

Your account is not public , or have age / country retriction on your account .

Reason 2:

You submitted wrong link that make the system unable to process your order . Whatapps and ask for cancel order if happen .

If Buy follower - Submit profile link / username  .

If Buying likes  - Submit video / post link

Reason 3:

Server problem . It might updating the service / maintenance.

Why Canceled ?

Reason 1:

Your account is not public , or have age / country retriction on your account .

Reason 2:

You submitted wrong link that make the system unable to process your order . Whatapps and ask for cancel order if happen .

If Buy follower - Submit profile link / username  .

If Buying likes  - Submit video / post link

Reason 3:

Server problem . It might updating the service / maintenance.

How we can help your business ?

We always strive to provide the best services possible to help your business growth

High quality

We always strive to provide the best services possible.

Time and Effort Savings

Server follower can save you time and effort in managing your social media accounts.

Cost Efficiency

It is a cost-effective solutions compared to hiring a dedicated social media team or purchasing multiple tools

Brand Reputation Management

Server Follower assist in monitoring and managing your brand's online reputation.

Access to a Wide Range of Services

We provide services like followers, likes, comments, and post engagement to enhance your metrics.

Competitive Advantage

Buying like and follower can keep you ahead of competitors by leveraging social media trends and strategies