Terms and Conditions !

(New users must read this!)

1. Strictly no refund for any mistake by users' self such as submitting wrong link , wrong username and etc. ( if submitted wrong link or username, you can change your account to private before it " started ",  it will auto cancel and refund to you !  However, If the order completed, strictly no refund ).

2. After submitted the order, it is not allowed to cancel the order !!!!

3. Do not submit the same post or video link more than 1  time for the same service, must wait the order show  " completed " then only can submit the same post or video link again . ( if it happens,  strictly no refund ) . You can use the alternative services for that link if your are urgent but do not the same service .

4. Please make sure everything in your account is public and has no restrictions. If buy like , views etc   the acount and post or video must be public. ( it won't work if it is " private ", system will auto cancel and the order and refunded to you ! )

5. Please be patient and wait for  1 -2 hour for the service to start running. If it is not running , you may contact us ( Whatapps: +60103319110 ) and send us the order id . For Malaysia Services Please allow a 2-3 days process before complaning about it . 

6. Refill is available for specific services only, some services do not provide any refill. If you want refill you may contact us via Whatapps with your order id. (Only for those refillable service ) . 

7. Strictly no refund after top up in ckkstore website . 

How to order ?


For ig follower :

Submit with username without @. Or you can submit with profile link . 

For ig like :

Submit with post link. 

For ig views :

Submit with video link.


For Facebook post likes : 

Submit with fb post link.

For Facebook page like :

Submit with fb page link

For Facebook Profile followers:

Submit with fb profile link .

For Facebook page reviews :

Submit with fb page reviews link 


For tiktok like : 

Submit with tiktok video link 

For tiktok follower : 

Submit with tiktok profile link.

For tiktok video views:

Submit with tiktok video link.

For tiktok live stream views:

Submit with tiktok live stream video link .